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If any of these names or families below seem to connect with yours, please email me, as I have a lot more information on most of them.


Charles Faustin Bufka arrived in New York aboard the Goschen on June 24,1859 from Domazlice, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), then under Austrian rule.  He went to Holyoke, Massachusetts, where his sister Barbara had arrived less than a year earlier. He moved west to Chicago where he worked as a blacksmith for Furst and Bradley Company. In 1880 he bought a farm and moved to Good Harbor in Leelanau County, Michigan, where he married Mary Hotove and raised five children: Carrie, Edward, Anna, Celia, and Joseph. The Charles and Mary Bufka family were members of St. Joseph Church in Bohemian Settlement, near Maple City, Michigan.  Carrie married Clarence Kilwy, Anna married John H. Dechow, and Joseph married Agnes Schafer.  Edward and Celia remained single all their lives. Joseph and Agnes had six sons: Joseph, Jerome, Raymond, Kenneth, John, and Norbert. Kenneth died in 1947; the rest are still living.

Barbara arrived aboard the Amaranth in New York on October 22, 1858 and settled in South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts (near Holyoke) where she married George Hoffman and raised six children plus three from George's first marriage. (Some of the information about this family is not verified. Correspondence with two descendants resulted in different information.)

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Matous Hotove was probably born in 1813 in Moravia (area currently found in eastern part of The Czech Republic and western part of Slovakia). He married Mariana Samuel (probably called Anna).  Matous and Anna had one daughter: Mariana (called Mary) born March 12, 1853. She married Charles Faustin Bufka in Leelanau County, Michigan November 10, 1880.
   Matous married a second time to Josephine Mach. Josephine was born January 1, 1828 in Bohemia, although the Census of 1900 says she was born in March. Matthew and Josephine had two daughters: Anna and Frances.   The Hotove family immigrated in 1872.   Their home was on Nachazel road in Leelanau County, Michigan. Anna married Frank Nemeskal and Frances married Michael Souhrada. Many of the Nemeskal descendants continue to live in northwest Michigan, but the Souhrada family moved back to Chicago. I have lost track of them.
   Matous had only fifteen tilled acres with 65 acres of woodland.  He had one milk cow and three other cattle, two swine, and one calf was sold in 1884.  He had five acres in oats, four in rye, four in winter wheat, one in Indian corn, one in barley, and one in peas.  Value on his farm was placed at $500. This information is from the agricultural census of 1884.
   Matthew died September 17, 1894 and Josephine died April 16, 1916. Both are buried in Cleveland Township Cemetery in Leelanau County, Michigan.
   The children of Anna and Frances were half-cousins to the children of Charles and Mary Bufka.
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Paul Storck was born January 24, 1815 in Alsace. He married Terese Denie (born April 16, 1817). Together they immigrated to the United States through New Orleans. Their first daughter, Josephine, was born July 9, 1843 in Cheviot, Ohio. Their other five children were also born in Ohio. Paul (died April 18, 1891) and Terese (died January 30, 1875) are both buried at St. Anthony's Cemetery in China, Indiana.

  Valentine Schafer and Agnes Schwartz lived in Kirchezell, Bavaria. They had 11 children. Their first son, Valentine, was born May 7, 1833 and married Josephine Storck September 3, 1859 in Indiana. Their six children were born in Madison, Indiana. Their youngest son, Edward, was born September 1, 1872 and died May 20, 1954.

  Gottfried Feider was born August 10, 1821 in Calenborn Prussia. He immigrated at some point prior to 1849. He married Elizabeth Denzer (born December 17, 1822) and had 9 children. Their oldest, John, was born November 10, 1849 in Cincinnati Ohio, but the rest were born in Indiana. They lived in China Indiana, where they are buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery. Gottfried was a shoemaker. His youngest child, Mary Salome (Sallie) was born September 18, 1868 and died June 16, 1952.

  Edward Schafer married Sallie Feider May 25, 1898. They had four children: Leo Gerard (born November 5, 1899 and died December 12, 1946, single). Agnes Elizabeth (born March 10, 1901 and died February 10, 1988 in Traverse City Michigan), Laura Josephine (born December 2, 1902 and died , single), and Marie Matilda (born July 14, 1906 and died December 27, 2000 in Madison).

  Agnes married Joseph Bufka. Marie married Joseph Torline and had three sons: Charles, Paul, and Philip.

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White and Nelson

Edward M. White married Isabella Trotter in the early 19th century. They had at least one child: Edward M. White, born July 3, 1825. It is believed that the family lived in Kentucky, but possibly Missouri. This younger Edward married Savannah Evans (born December 7, 1833 in Ohio and died June 2, 1896) and lived in Marion County Missouri where they both are buried. Edward died October 13, 1852. They had a son Edward Mays White.

  Edward Mays White (born February 25, 1864, died September 2, 1931) married Minnie Sue Conley (second wife) on October 23, 1901 in Liberty Missouri. He had one daughter from his first marriage: Pauline. They had three daughters and one son: Esther, Ruth, Commorah, and Edward Morse.  Minnie Sue Conley was the daughter of John To. Connley and Ruth McMurtry.

  Edward Morse White (born May 18, 1907 and died January 23, 1977) married Virginia Nelson on March 21, 1937. They had three children: Morse Edward, Joyce Ann, and Carol Sue, who married Norbert Bufka.

  Virginia Nelson was born March 1, 1924 and died November 12, 1967. She was the daughter of William Alfred Nelson (born October 25, 1875 and died April 16, 1938) and Laura Mildred McIntosh (1876-1956.)

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