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I am available to speak on the following topics at your church or organization. If you are not the one to make that kind of invitation then pleae pass this along to someone in your church or organization who might be interested. Just click on the topic for some details. Contact me


Life Challenges

·   “I am blind but now I see” – short practical and entertaining talk on my loss of sight

·   Family Values and Gay Marriage explores the relationship between traditional marriage and same sex couples



·   If you want peace, work for justice

·    Voting with Integrity

·   Virtual tour of the historic Bufka farm



·   Faith, Spirituality, and Religion What’s the difference?

This talk will be given at Blessed Sacrament Church in Midland Thursday June 18 at 7 p.m.

Call Blessed Sacrament at 989-835-6777 to register.

·   Journey to the Cross…and New Life  – reflections for Lent

·   Blessings in Darkness – most fitting for Advent

·   Seven Keys to Spiritual Growth



·   The Search for Meaning

·   History of the Christian Church

·   Marriage, Divorce and Annulment (Catholic)

·   Introduction to Sacraments (Catholic)



Currently I have scheduled a retreat on Awareness: the Key to Spiritual Growth

 for Wednesday-Friday September 9-11 at Inn at the Rustic Gate. Click on link above for details.



Format: Can be 1-2 hours, day or evening, short version in evening and longer during the day, several hours, or even a series.

Fee: Negotiable; starting at $75 plus mileage reimbursement and lodging if out of Midland area.


Presenter: Norbert Bufka

Norbert Bufka’s speaking style is casual, engaging, humorous, and challenging. There is time for the participants to respond, ask questions, or make comments in all talks and arrangements.




Details of talks:


Voting with Integrity

This is based on the book Moral Values and Sound Bites::A Guide to Responsible Voting Today and Beyond by Norbert Bufka. This presentation would be a good introduction to series of adult discussions on topics raised in the talk and the book.


  1. Get Ready includes an introduction to politics, simple steps to make voting decisions, principles, qualities of good leaders, and an examination of one’s mindset
  2. Get Set encouorages the examination of issues
  3. Go vote” explores the common good as basis for selecting a candidate

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If you want peace, work for justice

This presentation is based on the book A Journey to Peace through Justice by Norbert Bufka. This talk would be a good introduction to a series of discussions on social justice as they apply to issues facing our country.


  1. What is justice?
  2. Examining worldviews and assumptions
  3. Looking at issues through a justice lens
  4. Practical ways to be peacemaker

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Bufka Farm Tour

The farm where the speaker was born and raised is part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and has historic local, if not national, significance. This PowerPoint presentation shows the buildings and layout of the farm with appropriate commentary. I would be happy to work with any individuals or groups who wish to arrange an actual tour of the Bufka farm in beautiful Leelanau County Michigan. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has more information about the farm at

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Family values and Gay Marriage


  1. What is a “family”?
  2. Who are gays and lesbians?
  3. Homosexuality and the Bible
  4. “Gay marriage”

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Faith, Spirituality and Religion


  1. Faith has more than one meaning
  2. Spirituality is interior disposition
  3. Religion is expression of both faith and spirituality

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History of the Christian Church from Catholic point of view


  1. The Way – beginning to 313 c.e.
  2. Religion of the Roman Empire – 381  – 1054
  3. Roman Catholic Church – 1054  – 1517
  4. Reformation – 1517 – 1965
  5. Vatican II Catholicism – 1965 - ?
  6. Fundamentalism

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The Search for Meaning

This incorporates the following and is best delivered as a series over several days or evenings or as a retreat.

  1. Faith Spirituality and Religion
  2. Language, truth, and Cosmology
  3. God
  4. The Bible
  5. Jesus


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Marriage, Divorce and Annulment


  1. What is marriage
  2. Who can marry?
  3. What is an invalid marriage?
  4. Process of obtaining an annulment.

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  1. what is a sacrament?
  2. What do symbols and symbolic action mean?
  3. Eucharist is the preeminent Sacrament.
  4. Review of other six


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Blessings in Darkness

This is more than a talk. It is a reflection on light and darkness in the Scriptures and in life. To be effective I recommend four hours total but it could be shortened in some ways. I include personal stories as they relate to the theme especially my loss of vision.


  1. Gathering and social time
  2. Prayer and introductions of participants where feasible
  3. First presentation –  light and darkness in natural order; Jesus as light
  4. Table discussion – how is Jesus light of the world
  5. Second presentation  - embracing our shadow side of life, darkness in Bible, we are the light of the world
  6. Table discussion – how are we light of the world
  7. Closing comments, large group discussion, prayer

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Journey to the Cross

This is a reflection on Jesus’ life, how it led to the Cross, and the meaning for us. It has five themes:

  1. Who do you say that I am? – examining the human Jesus
  2. Lord, teach us to pray. – the importance of prayer in the life of Jesus
  3. How many times must I forgive? – forgiveness is a key trait of being Christian
  4. Do this in memory of me – the meaning of Eucharist and service
  5. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? – the meaning of suffering


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Seven Keys to Spiritual Growth


1. Live in the here and Now!

2. Seek first love and compassion.

3. Take time for yourself.

4. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of your life.

5. Let go of the past.

6. Be accountable to someone.

7. Make spiritual growth a part of your life.

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“I am blind, but now I see”

Good talk for groups needing a speaker at lunch or dinner

15-30 minutes, public service

a. how I lost my vision

b. tips on treating people who are blind

c. resources available

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