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Norbert Bufka

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Jerry Klosowski Tackles Questions on Faith and Science 

Mr. Klosowski has ministered with teens and young adults since 1972 and has a profound and deep interest in their faith journey.  In Questions About Faith That Should Be Answered, he expands on the work from Are Faith and Science Compatible?, exploring the apparent contradictions between faith and science.  As the title suggests, this book is full of questions and engages the reader in a dialogue about possible answers to those questions.

Questions About Faith is an excellent companion to Norb Bufka's Crisis in the Catholic Church; these titles may now be purchased together in a specially-priced bundle for a limited time.


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Explore George Fulk's Experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chile 

George Fulk has released the third installment from his illustrated autobiography series.  Peace Corps Volunteers in Chile:  An Illustrated Family Adventure follows George, his wife Mary, and their two children during George's Peace Corps assignment in a country undergoing significant political turmoil.  This new offering includes more than 40 original watercolor illustrations and is also part of a special bundle including the first two books of the series.


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