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"Crisis in the Catholic Church" Now Available from Bufka Books

The Roman Catholic Church is in deep and serious crisis.  The sexual abuse of children by priests and bishops has been widely reported. This abuse has outraged millions of lay Catholics and has revealed a deeper crisis throughout the membership and institution.  This book shows how that developed and offers a very thoughtful and encouraging conclusion.  

Crisis in the Catholic Church is a must read for all Catholics, indeed all people, who are interested in the current status and future of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is especially important for priests and bishops to read this book and begin a path to recovery.

Available for $3 in eBook format and $7.95 in paperback.  Bulk discounts available for quantities of two and above.


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Fr. Frederick Kawka's "In December Darkness" Now Available

In December Darkness is a booklet intended to help people journey through the Advent season with hope and joy.  December can be cold and dark, but the Church gives us Advent to hope and rejoice.  The booklet is available in both physical and electronic formats in our online store.

A special Crisis and Hope book package is available, bundling Mr. Bufka's Crisis in the Catholic Church with Fr. Kawka's In December Darkness.  This bundle is available for $10.95 at Bufka Books.


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