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Norbert Bufka

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A Return to the History of Leelanau 

Norb's latest offering explores the story of five families who arrived in Leelanau in the mid-nineteenth century and how they became united.

Karel and Barbora Viskochil and their five sons settled in Cleveland Township. Anton and Barbora Kucera arrived at around the same time. These two families were intimately connected when two of the Viskocil sons married two of the Kucera daughters.

In 1938, Karel and Barbora Viskochil's grandson Adolph married Clara Charter of Northport. This united the Charter, John, and Calhoun families of Northport with the Viskochil and Kucera families.

Adolph and Clara Viskochil: Roots, Pictures, and Stories explores the history of these families, the details of their lives, and as much genealogical data as could be found.


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History of Leelanau Bundle Now Available 

Mr. Bufka's latest book is also part of a specially-priced, limited edition bundle. Dive into the history of Leelanau with both Adolph and Clara Viskochil: Roots, Pictures, and Stories as well as From Bohemia to Good Harbor: the Story of the Bufka Family in Leelanau.  Bulk discounts are available.  


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