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The youth rallies were awesome

I watched and listened with compassion the words of the young people at rallies across the country and around the world on Saturday March 24, 2018. They gave talks that were inspiring, thought provoking, emotional, and from the heart. I am proud of everyone of them.

Young people should not have to go to school in fear of their lives. This is not the American way. School needs to be a place of learning, not self-protection. Rick Santorum is dead wrong in criticizing these people bysaying they should be doing something pro-active, like learning CPR. No, Rick, that is reactive, not pro-active.     What they did Saturday and plan to continue to do is pro-active. They are using their First Amendment rights to speak out and protest the awful slaughter of fellow students right before their eyes. They want this stopped, which is much more than what our leaders are doing.

Thank you, young people, for giving us all a good example of what it means to be an American .  

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