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The killing of George Floyd is reprehensible

I am not sure what to write today about the video taped killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but I feel compelled to say a word of support to my fellow Americans who happen to have a skin color different than mine and the majority of people in this country. Does this fact of minority make them less American? Or less human? Or less important?

The answer to those questions is a resounding “no”, but yet some whites ignore the reality before them or choose to look a different way or just plain deny what they see and know in their hearts of hearts. Without rendering legal opinion nor denying the right of a person to a fair trial, the video clearly indicated a brutal and deliberate killing. What makes it morehoreendous is that four policemen were involved. Policemen are an honorable profession and we need them, but we do not need ones who are so callous as to kill someone who is telling them, “I can’t breathe.”

As a result of this inhuman act, hundreds and thousands of people peacefully protested and are seeking justice, not just for George but for all people of color who have and continue to be mistreated by police and many others in our society.

Yet, our president used the military to clear out the protestors in DC so he could have a photo-op. this was disgraceful and shamefull. The Episcopal bishop of Washington was right to call him out for that. the president has not offered a word of compassion for the senseless killing nor a word of comfort to the family. Yet he was able to tweet denunciation of the looters and violent protestors with law and order slogans .

Jess Sessions, former U. S. Attorney General under Trump said he supported swit justice in all cases but 'We don't need to overreact. politically correct policing' will 'demoralize officers.” So are we to assume that protesting killing a man in the line of duty is just politically correct language? How absurd! I would think that all respectable policeman are demoralized by this very inappropriate behavior of a fellow officer.

Please, let us stand up to the rioters by all means, but let us listen to the cries of the peaceful protestors and not confuse them with the opportunistic rioters who could be from the extreme right or left.



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