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10 Lessons from the Election 2020

The 2020 election is over. We must learn several important lessons from this election.

  1. If we are to continue as a democracy we must face our differences and polarization with a bond of love for our country and each other.
  2. Our republic will continue only if all citizens are allowed to take an active part   in the process of voting and civic duties.
  3. We must all become better educated about issues and work to form a conscience in keeping with our faith traditions.
  4. The Catholic bishops must accept responsibility for their role in the division in our country and in the Catholic Church. They have taught a divisive moral ethic based on the single issue of abortion. They need to teach the meaning of the common good not only in faith context but American context.
  5. Other faith traditions who teaching division and fear must also examine their consciences and find a path to wholeness.
  6. Narrow ideology, whether faith based or political, must be challenged and resisted. This applies to both socialism on the left and fascism on the right.
  7. Fascism is alive and well in this country and has been given a place alongside aminstream thinking with the presidency of Donald Trump. This includes the fostering of a “Christian nationalism”, white superiority, and authoritarian leadership.  Fascism must be named and rejected as vigorously  as socialism.
  8. Socialism, while vigorously attached to the Democrats by the Republicans, has not been a serious movement in this country for nearly 100 years. Social benefits, like access to health care and social security are not socialism. The public ownership of production is socialism. No Democrat is promoting this.
  9. We spend far too much money on political campaigns. Reform of the political process must be at the top of any list of laws to be lpassed.
  10. Civility, telling the truth, and trust in science must replace the fear, disinformation, and reliance on one person’s narcissistic intuition.


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