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Norbert Bufka

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Best of times, worst of times

Charles Dickins began A Tale of Two Cities with, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This is a good way to describe our current political life in the United States. Democracy is alive and well in this ongoing experiment in self-government begun in 1776. Women are gathering in protest not seen for nearly 100 years. Voters are coming out in record numbers in the special elections that have taken place since the election of Donal Trump as president.,Trump's corruption is being investigated in a legal process.

Donald Trump is the worst President in my lifetime. I wrote before the election on October 2, 2016 that he was unfit for office because he is a bully, lacks intellectual curiosity and knowledge, cannot maintain attention to anything more than a fewm minutes, and has total disregard for the meaning of words. He lies constantly. His time in office has proven beyond a doubt the truth of my words in 2016.

Let’s keep the momentum going through the elections in November and elect responsible people who are concerned about the genral welfare of our country. . 

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