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Catholic voters: do not be deceived by Trump!

After the 2016 election, I learned that 40% of Catholics cat their vote for Donal Trump. I was sick to my stomach. I could not believe that my fellow Catholics could be so off track. After watching Trump in office for over three years, I thought they would come to their senses, but alas! a poll released by the National Catholic   Register, a subsidiary of the very traditional EWTN network, showed that about 40% or more Catholics still support Trump. Young Catholics tend to be lower than 40% but the older they are the more they support Trump. How is this possible, I wonder?

A Catholic friend candidly told me that he has no respect for the man but Trump has done some good things, so he continues to support him. I asked for details. He said the tax cuts of 2017, deregulation, and enforcement of the immigration laws. I was speechless but grateful to hear his comments. Another acquaintance supports him because she says he is “pro-life”. [NB1]   A third one said he reduced the national debt.

The tax cuts did lower taxes for most people but they totally ignored the needs of our country and the rising annual federal deficits, such as $1,000,000,000,000 (that’s 1 trillion in 2019) . The very wealthy should be paying more taxes, not less.

The immigrants seeking entrance into the United States are doing so at the entrances, trying to go through legal channels. They are doing nothing illegal but seeking asylum. The law does not allow family separation nor caging nor disrespecting their human rights. His anti-humanitarian actions are contrary to the Gospel.

Trump’s “pro-life” stance caters to the Catholic single issue voters, who have been told for decades that abortion must be stopped. Making abortion illegal and women and doctors criminals will not solve the issue of abortion. A real “pro-life” program will reduce abortions substantially, however. This stance includes health care for women and their children, not just the fetus. It includes education and other social programs when children are growing up.

Donald Trump is only interested in one thing: himself. He has harped that over and over again. he fires those who disagree with him. He bullies and shames others. he blames others for anything that he considers wrong. He considers himself the “savior” of the United States. This was precisely Hitler’s attitude in the 1930’s in Germany and look what that got Germany.

Wake up before it is too late.


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