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Dangerous times

We are living in the most dangerous time in the history of the United States since 1860 when southern states decided to secede from the union. President Abraham Lincoln rose to the challenge but it cost the lives of more than 600,000 americans in the bloodiest war of our history. Today we are facing the opposite challenge. We have a President who refuses to accept the results of a legitimate election. More than 73 million voted for him And seem to believe in his wild accusation of voter fraud.

Our President is acting as if he is above the law or rather that he is the law. He thinks whatever he says or does is okay because he is the President. The truth and reality are of no concern to him. Nor does it seem that the country is of any concern to him. For four years he has tweeted conspiracies and election fraud without ever producing any evidence.  His lawsuits to overturn election results have nearly all been rejected when the judge asked for evidence. Two cases which were accepted were of minimal consequence.  His autocratic style is right out of Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler.

He called in to his office two Republican election board members and two Republican legislators to seek ways to overturn the Michigan election. Lindsay Graham apparently has fallen for Trump’s election fraud conspiracies and is supporting them by asking the Georgia Secretary of State to throw out some ballots. Rudy Juliani and other Trump lawyers are making the claim that the election was so fraudulent , they want it to go to the House of Representatives or the Supreme Court. This is one reason Trump was so anxious to have a new appointee to the Supreme Court. He believes they will be loyalists, like his other appointments have been I believe the Justices will not beholden to Trump however because he cannot fire them.  These actions appear to be violations of federal law which bars anyone from interfering with an election.  Even Trump has called on the Governor of Georgia to overturn the results in Georgia. The strange thing is that the Secretary of State oversees elections in Georgia and has already certified the results.

Enough states have now certified their results so that Biden has the needed 270 electoral votes to be declared the winner by the Electoral College when it meets next week.


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