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Norbert Bufka

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US in Grave Danger

We have a president who is totally about himself, hates anyone who disagrees with him, demeans immigrants and others whom he dislikes, befriends our enemies at the expense of our allies, is morally corrupt, and is a consummate liar.

I cannot believe anything he says nor trust him about anything that is important and sacred to our country. He is totally selfish. The Republicans are afraid to stand up to him. He is a model of bullying, blaming, and self-promotion. These are the very antitheses of what it means to be an American.

He claims to know more about the climate than scientists, more about the military than our generals, and more about intelligence than our intelligence services.  He has opposed most of the rights in the First Amendment. He has said he is the Chosen One, and some of his supporters put up a billboard near St. Louis MO with his image and caption, “Word made flesh”. All should abhor these claims but to Christians they are blasphemous.

We need to stand together to oppose evil wherever it is and especially when it is in the oval office.  Or surely we will go down the path of Germany in the 1930’s under Hitler.

the above appeared in the Midland Daily News on November 22, 2019 as a letter to the editor by me. Our President has very low self-esteem. this is why he must seek affirmation constantly from everyone around him. over 300 counselors have signed a letter attesting to this danger. Impeachment will cause him to go bonkers. he needs to be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. Unfortunately, the Republicans in the Congress, especially in the Senate, are complicit in this danger.




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