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Mail-in voting is necessary


Due to the pandemic we face a challenge in securing the right to vote by every citizen who wants To vote.   The solution is mail in voting and a secure postal system.

Five States already conduct elections entirely by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. In the April 14, 2020 issue of the Atlantic,Priscilla Southwell Wrote in an article „In the Pandemic, Every State Should Vote by Mail” that  the process has been successful and secure. Oregon had only a dozen or so cases of proven fraud out of 100 million ballots since 2000.

Even without a pandemic, many voters face inflexible work schedules or lack adequate transportation to the polls.

The League of Women Voters and Surveys of people across all political persuasions show support for mail in voting.  Vote by mail should be the right of every citizen in every state, and we should let our legislators know that this option should be enacted soon, for every state.

In addition, no mail-in process can work without a functioning US Postal System. Currently the US Postal Service is struggling due to the pandemic. Voters should insist on full support for America’s mail and postal workers.  The time to act is now.



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