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A Study Guide for Pope Francis' "Joy of the Gospel"

Pope Francis encourages all people to care for the poor and to tend to the wounds of the afflicted, no matter who they are.  Throughout this study guide, Bufka includes many reflection questions and suggestions for individual and group study.

A Study Guide for Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis is a part of a series of titles available from Bufka Books.  This series also includes a study guide for Pope Francis' "The Care of our Common Home".


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We Remember:  Lost Places in Leelanau

Places change all the time.  People come and go; businesses start and move.  People migrate to and from.  They give names to the places and then those names are lost after people leave.  It happens all the time everywhere.

Norbert's newest offering, We Remember Lost Places in Leelanau, is a compilation of places in Leelanau found only in the annals of history or people's memories.  Some of these places are even beyond memories and have been captured by Norbert before they are lost forever. 

Some communities sprang up during the logging era, such as Good Harbor.  Others were train depots like Bodus and Jacktown.  Still others later changed their names, such as Provemont and Suttonsburg.  We Remember explores these places, as well as the many one-room schools on the peninsula such as Shetland, Bass Lake, Maple Valley, Lautner, and Tweddle.  Also included is information about the three lighthouses and three lifesaving stations in the area.  Available both in standard format and e-book.


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Challenges of a 21st Century Progressive

In Challenges of a 21st Century Progressive, Norbert explores contemporary issues from a progressive perspective.  The book serves as a counterpoint to the conservative dialogue that has dominated politics for the past several decades.

Special resale discounts are available for booksellers for this and many other titles at Bufka Books.  Contact Norb for more details and to take advantage of this offer.


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