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The firing of Maguire should motivate voters


Ever since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I was wondering when the Republicans would have enough courage to stand up to him. Each time he did something more offensive, I wondered if this would be the act that spurred them onto courage.

Some advisors did stand up to him only to find thems…

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We are living in the “best” and “worst” of times

Charles Dickins began A Tale of Two Cities with, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This is a good way to describe our current political life in the United States. Democracy is alive and well in this ongoing experiment in self-government begun in 1776. Women are gathering in pr…

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1984 has arrived

George Orwell’s book, 1984 became public on June 8, 1949. It depicted a country run by Bib Brother and the Party. In the book this was a leftist organization and all readers thought that the threat of government control would be the product of the political left. Orwell described a country in whic…

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Our president is mentally unstable

In 2016, I wrote in an op-ed column in the Midland Daily News that Trump was unfit for office. My claim was not based on his policies but rather his mental state and character. He was unable to focus on anything longer than a few minutes, he seldom read anything, and he did not listen to advice from…

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US in Grave Danger

We have a president who is totally about himself, hates anyone who disagrees with him, demeans immigrants and others whom he dislikes, befriends our enemies at the expense of our allies, is morally corrupt, and is a consummate liar.

I cannot believe anything he says nor trust him about anything t…

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Is Donald Trump fit to be President?

David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times, wrote that Donald Trump is an affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue and citizenship.” I will explore in this column why Brooks made such a bold statement.


Words are the building blocks of communication, whether in personal conve…

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