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In Celebration of Pope Francis

Pope Francis has captured the imagination and admiration of millions of people of all religions. He is frank, honest, humble, and lives the Gospel in his everyday life and reflects that in his teaching. He has written four major letters about the joy of the Gospel, the care of our world, the ideal and practical aspects of marriage, and a realistic understanding of holiness. In contrast to previous popes, he has emphasized God’s mercy in everyday life, personal need to discern God’s call, and acceptance of all people.

Bufka Books is celebrating the 6th anniversary of Pope Francis' election with a special collection of six titles which explore all of these things and more.  Order Pope Francis: The Man and His Teaching and save more than $10 on the included texts.


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Challenges of a 21st Century Progressive

In Challenges of a 21st Century Progressive, Norbert explores contemporary issues from a progressive perspective.  The book serves as a counterpoint to the conservative dialogue that has dominated politics for the past several decades.

Special resale discounts are available for booksellers for this and many other titles at Bufka Books.  Contact Norb for more details and to take advantage of this offer.


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