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Geofencing is n invasion of privacy

Many people complain or are concerned abut government intrusion into one’s personal lives, but private companies are doing the same thing without you even noticing it.  they are able to capture information from your cell phone and use it at the time to send you an ad or save the data for later contact with an ad. This is done through a process called geofencing. I looked it up and found a company promoting itself as “THE LEADERS IN GEOFENCING”. Its home page says:

No company in the industry offers a more targeted approach with household IP extension & cross device targeting across 98% of the web’s publishers. Our proprietary Geofencing process creates a virtual fence over your store, a competitor’s store, or even key neighborhoods. We then deliver your ads to any device that enters your geofence, PLUS capture device ID’s so you can retarget them later when they’re at home, work or play.

Our Geofencing technology is so precise, we reach shoppers inside a store or even at live events. Once they have entered your Geofence, consumers are served your ads on both apps & browsers. This targeting will help capture your customers on a more personal level by providing them with special offers that apply to their current location.

You and I have no idea when some company is doing this but a Catholic organization is proudly doing this inorder to support Trump for re-election. The group is called Catholic  they geofence a church and then capture data from the cellphones of churchgoers, and then send ads to those devices.

So, while you are in church praying, this company may be invading your privacy so it can send you pro-Trump ads.  This is an added incentive to make sure your cell phone is turned off before you get to the parking lot!

Read more about it in an article in NCR by Heidi Schlumpf

 and another by Michael Sean Winters. Then spread the word by talking abut it or sending the links to others.

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