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Gun violence must stop

Once again I am saddened by the massacre at a school in Florida. This is the 6th school shooting in 2018. What will it take to make Congress act?

Between the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 and now, Congress has passed only one law regarding guns and gun violence. That was in February 2017 to make it easier for people with mental illness to buy a gun. This is totally contrary to what needs to be done.

In June 2016 after the mass shooting at a night club in Florida, House Speaker Paul Ryan, said  “We do not take away citizens' rights without due process,”  What about the right to life of the 17 victims in Florida? Is your right to own a gun more important than their right to life?

Gun violence is an epidemic in this country. Any other epidemic would have people taking action. It is time to fund the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to study gun violence.

Steps needed are very simple and not new:

1)      Background checks on everyone who wants to buy a gun.

2)      Mandatory training in the use of firearms. We require more training to drive a car than to buy and use a gun.

3)      Gun dealers must be licensed. Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) staff must be increased so gun shops can be monitored.

4)      Sale of military style weapons must be outlawed. There is absolutely no reason for a person to own one of them.  

5)      Equipment to modify guns to make them automatic must be banned.

6)      The immunity from lawsuits of gun manufacturers  must be repealed.


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