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Bishops have duped Catholics

The United States Conference of Catholic bishops(USCCB) , has sold its moral authority and credibility to the right-wing politicians in this country. We are paying for that with a president who is the opposite of moral leadership. The situation is reminiscent of the Catholic Church and other Christians supporting Hitler in Germany in the 1930’s.

Ever since the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973, the bishops have been focused on overturning the decision and have shown they are willing to work with the devil to get this accomplished. In their quadrennial statement on faithful citizenship, they once again called abortion the “pre-eminent” issue in our country. The bishops of Kansas and Missouri reported that in their recent meeting with Pope Francis, he agreed with them that abortion is the “pre-eminent” issue, despite the Pope’s constant reminder that there are many other life issues. is capitalizing on this leadership sellout. It “identified 199,241 Catholics in Wisconsin who’ve been to church at least 3 times in the last 90 days,”according to a New York Times article by Thomas Edsall.  A third of them are not registered to vote.  CatholicVote obtained this data through a morally questionable process called geofencing. They will use this information to target them to register and vote for Trump. Brian Burch of CatholicVote said this “is barely a glimpse” of what  the group is doing.  “There’s much we can’t report,” Burch wrote in an eemail on January 29, 2020.

In 2016 it was reported that 40% of Catholics voted for Trump. This is precisely the fault of the bishops who have failed to give sound and consistent moral teaching.

Catholic leaders again sold out to the right-wing in allowing Trump to speak at the March for Life rally on January 24. Tom Roberts, executive editor of NCR,  said it succinctly, “On Jan. 24, the most glaring intellectual disconnect, a display of moral dissonance that an Orwell would have been hard-put to imagine, was in full view on the National Mall. Thousands of Catholics, encouraged by more than a few bishops, joined the throng hailing President Donald Trump as a pro-life savior….The selling of the Church’s moral authority is complete.”

Trump will be using his appearance at the March for Life gathering in DC as a rallying point for Catholics to vote for him. Yet Trump has proven himself to be anything but a model of Christian values. He is narcissistic, the entithesis of the compassion called for by Jesus. He demeans people he doesn’t like or who don’t agree with him, in contrast to jesus’ constant befriending non-Jews and the outcasts of society. He glories in abusing women in contrast to Jesus’ close relationship with women.

Do not be fooled by pseudo-Catholic voices.  Check out what they do as well as what they say.



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