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New Year's Resolution

It is traditional to make some resolutions for a new year and it is also traditional to break them before thened of January. There is one resolution however that I urge you to make and keep. This is a very important election year.

President Donald Trump is running for reelection and the Republican party is forbidding anyone to run against him in state primaries. The Democratic Party candidate is our only hope for a different president when January 2021 rolls around.

Because of the ineptness of Trump on all grounds (see previous blog posts), it is imperative we elect a Democrat in the fall. In Michigan it will be easier to vote in all elections because of the Amendment passed in2018.  Anyone can register to vote even on the day of election. Anyone can choose to obtain an absentee ballot and vote before election day. You need to contact the clerk of your residence to do both of these. If you are not registered to vote,please do so as soon as practicable. Tell the clerk you want an absentee ballot and learnd the procedure to make sure you actually get one in October in advance of the November election.

So my proposed resolution is this:

I will do everything I need to do so I can vote in the November election.

These steps might include:

Register to vote.

Study the candidates and issues

Get an absentee ballot.

Actually vote.


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